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Access all of your Bluetooth devices from the same window

BlueSoleil is a powerful Bluetooth connection software that supports a wide range of activities all within one interface.These include support for VoIP, transferring of files to and from mobiles phones and the ability to call your contacts though Skype with a Bluetooth headset. In addition, BlueSoleil, of course includes wireless internet access anywhere and the possibility of listening to music stored on a PC using a Bluetooth wireless headset anywhere within range.BlueSoleil is also suitable for sending pictures from a Bluetooth Digital Camera to a PC without any cables. You can also print to file using a Bluetooth printer, use a Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse to control a PC and exchange or synchronizing personal information.BlueSoleil provides all the Bluetooth functions you could possibly need in one powerful piece of software.


  • Supports a huge range Bluetooth functions


  • Limited data transfers if you don't have serial number of device

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BlueSoleil 10.0.474.2 voor PC

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